Free Agency/Trade Whispers 6/7/17

This is a busy time in the NBA. The draft has just finished, trade deals have been reached and free agency is kicking into gear. Rumours fly around left, right and centre. Some stick but most don’t and are just general chatter amongst fans. Follow all the important whispers around trade deals and free agency signings with Posterized.

  • The Boston Celtics have kept busy in trade talks after landing Gordon Hayward in free agency. With limited cap space remaining to sign Hayward, the Celtics are likely to engage in a sign & trade deal with Utah to bring Jae Crowder to Salt Lake City. Crowder is on the best deal in the NBA from a management perspective. He’s expected to earn $21.3 million over the next three years, less than what Al Horford will receive in 2017-18 alone! The collateral damage from the Hayward deal means that one of Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder or Marcus Smart will need to find a new home. Whilst he is on a great deal, Crowder might be the most likely to go given the logjam the Celtics now have at the SF position.
  • Another interesting deal has also been thrown up with the Memphis Grizzlies surrounding All-Star centre, Marc Gasol. Boston have plenty of assets to deal away and with Randolph out the door with Vince Carter plus Tony Allen expected to follow, it might be an ideal time to kickstart a rebuild. The strength of the West right now means the Grizzlies will find themselves out of the playoff picture as it stands today. If they can grab an Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart coupled with a cocktail of picks, consider the deal well and truly on the table.

Marc Gasol, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson

  • Carmelo Anthony is reported to be willing to waive his no trade clause if it means he joins the Cleveland Cavaliers or Houston Rockets. The Cavs are reluctant to include Kevin Love in any Melo deal that will be a major stumbling block. The Rockets on the other hand have reportedly offered a package involving Ryan Anderson + picks but the Knicks aren’t biting. A buy-out could also be on the cards but unlikely with the Knicks wanting to gain something for such an important player.
  • Kenneth Faried is reportedly on the trade table with the Denver Nuggets attempting to get some backcourt relief in return. With an endless supply of front court talent on the roster, it’s hard to see where Faried fits in terms of minutes and would be better from a personal point of view to leave for greener pastures. No reported trade partners have emerged yet but expect teams to come asking to try and lowball the Nuggets to pick the Manimal up for a bargain.


  • The L.A Clippers pursuit of Western Conference mediocrity is admirable. Since losing Chris Paul to Houston the Clippers will most likely be battling it out for a spot in the bottom end of the playoffs. This has taken them to signing Danilo Gallinari and it looks as though it could also add defensive wizard Tony Allen. If they can get him without having to trade away assets or paying too much money then it could be a wise investment. Otherwise it’s a decision that puts them deep into the luxury tax to be bumped in the first round of the playoffs.
  • Monta Ellis has been waived by the Indiana Pacers today, completing his fall from grace. There has been no serious suitors for Ellis’ services, with him most likely signing with a contending team that can use his scoring off the bench think Cleveland or Houston.
  • Nerlens Noel remains a top remaining free agent, despite being restricted. With plenty of cap space to afford, expect the Dallas Mavericks to match any offer put to the defensive anchor.
  • Miami Heat free agent James Johnson and the Utah Jazz have expressed mutual interest. After losing out in the Gordon Hayward sweepstakes the Jazz have turned their attention to the handy wing player to help fill the void.


  • Jamal Crawford won’t be in Atlanta for long with the multiple sixth man of the year winner stating he has no intention to play for the Hawks. He will be waived by the team and have his choice of where to play as a free agent. Crawford seems to be keen on joining the Lakers to play behind Lonzo Ball with the Golden State Warriors also displaying some interest.
  • The New York Knicks attempting to find a veteran point guard presence to mentor young star Frank Ntilikana. With most of the top veteran point guards already signed in free agency the Knicks will have to look deep into some rosters to find what they are looking for. Rajon Rondo remains an option with the team having internal discussions about the veteran. With Shelvin Mack also high on the Knicks list to fill this position.
  • San Antonio Spurs surprise packet, Jonathan Simmons may find his way to New York later in free agency with the Knicks reportedly offering a sizeable contract for the youngster.
  • Otto Porter Jnr. has been offered a multi-year contract by the Brooklyn Nets but the Washington Wizards are expected to match the offer sheet, leaving Porter a Wizard for the time being.
  • Derrick Rose met with the L.A Clippers today, his likely destination should the Knicks renounce his rights. Milwaukee still in the hunt after Rose met with them yesterday.


  • Rajon Rondo still yet to find a home. As mentioned the Knicks have some interest with both L.A teams also showing interest. He has a strong relationship with Clippers players plus Doc Rivers and the Lakers seem to be showing the most interest of all the teams. The Knicks have reportedly reached out to Rondo’s management in the past 24 hours.
  • Following the signing of Gordon Hayward, Boston renounced the rights for Kelly Olynyk making him an unrestricted free agent. Teams have since swarmed on the young big man in an attempt to bolster their front line. The Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets, Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks have shown the most interest so far.
  • Shaqtin a fool favourite, JaVale McGee assessing his options by meeting with the Clippers. Still engaged with the Warriors and likely to stay from reports.
  • Pau Gasol opted out of his San Antonio contract but will re-sign in due time, according to multiple reports.
  • Udonis Haslem has been linked to the Cleveland Cavaliers in what would be a strange signing. Now 37 and averaging just 8.1 minutes over 16 contests last season Haslem has been consigned to almost a pure locker room presence role. He does have a strong relationship with LeBron James but expect the veteran to be a one franchise player and stay with the Heat.

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