Done Deals: Lakers make move, Dwight finds new home

NBA silly season is upon us. Teams across the league are looking to improve their roster for the long term and short term. With the superteam from Oakland threatening dominance for quite some years, some teams are scrambling to get better through the trade table. Stay tuned to this page for all the done deals!

  • New era ready to arrive in Los Angeles: The Lakers have freed up not only a position at point guard but future cap space to potentially bring Paul George home. 


Lakers receive: Brook Lopez, Brooklyn’s 2017 first round pick

Nets receive: D’Angelo Russell, Timofey Mozgov

This deal practically locked in Lonzo Ball to the team with the second pick. It also made Magic Johnson eat his words, after the legend tweeted multiple times in the past about how good he thought Russell would turn out. 

Gotta love the internet 😂

Perhaps the biggest factor in this trade though is the Lakers being able to shed Timofey Mozgov’s way overpriced contract to make way for a big fish in next year’s free agent pool. As for the Nets, do we really care?

  • Dwight Howard’s downward spiral continues: The once formidable and highly sought big man is dealt once again.


Hawks receive : Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli, 41st pick 2017

Hornets receive: Dwight Howard, 31st pick 2017

Bit of a who really cares type trade? Not going to have any real significance on the league next year. Next.

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