UCONN Women’s Basketball reach unprecedented 100 straight wins

The last time UCONN’s womens team lost a game it was November of 2014. Many NBA rookies were still in high school, Tom Brady only had 3 rings and Donald Trump was just a rich businessman.

Tonight the Huskies recorded their 100th straight win after they defeated South Carolina 66-55. A streak like this is impressive in any level of sporting competition whether it be amatuers, college or in the pro’s. 

So how does it stack up to winning streak records in other major team sports? 

  • NFL: New England Patriots, 21 wins
  • NBA: Los Angeles Lakers, 33 wins
  • AFL: Geelong Cats, 23 wins
  • Test Cricket: Australia, 16 wins
  • EPL: Arsenal, 14 wins
  • Men’s College Basketball: UCLA Bruins, 88 wins
  • MLB: New York Giants, 26 wins
  • NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins, 18 wins

    This list puts the Huskies winning streak into more perspective, proving just how remarkable it is. But not only did they win 100 in a row, they also did it with relative ease. Of the 100 wins, 98 of them were by double digits.

    The question now is how far can this extraordinary run go on for? Or will it ever stop?

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