Prepare for a cyclone, Iowa State. Emmanuel Malou is about to arrive!


By  Zac Piesse

Emmanuel Malou is one of Australia’s brightest prospects heading into the future. The 6’9′ forward out of Melbourne, Australia, has committed to BIG 12 school Iowa State, in what could turn out to be a very successful move by the 22 year old. He is expected to go “one and done”, and head on to the NBA following his one year at the Cyclones. He had offers from 15-20 Division I colleges, which included Kansas City, Arizona, and USC, ultimately choosing to sign with Iowa State. When asked why he chose Iowa, Malou stated, “I believe out of all the systems that I observed, Coach Prohm’s was the suitable for my game. I also thought that playing in the BIG 12 Conference would do nothing but benefit me positively… I just want to play against the best, constantly.”

Malou has had a very quick rise to stardom, only realising his NBA dream and ambition at the age of 16, having only decided then that he wanted to give basketball a red hot go. Being a late bloomer, Malou’s work ethic is second to none, and it’s only a matter of time before we see him draining three’s at the Hilton Coliseum (Iowa’s stadium).

Malou describes himself as a versatile Kevin Durant like player mixed in with some aspects of Draymond Green. He likes to shoot the three, whilst also pulling up off the dribble. Like Green, he also likes to have the ball in his hands, facilitating the offense at times, and despite his height and length, he still manages to have quite decent handles. He also studies a lot of KD’s film, and hopes to be as cold blooded as the man himself. Similarly to these players, he also can be a mismatch for people defending him at the 3, or the 4, because of his unique skills set. On the defensive end, Malou has great timing when blocking shots, and also has the speed and quickness to guard smaller players if need be. He also believes he needs to improve when handling the ball, and also needs to keep his turnovers down which in turn will help keep his draft stock high.

A new golden generation of Australian basketball is beginning to take shape, with such talent as Ben Simmons, Thon Maker, and of course Emmanuel. Malou believes that it is at an all time high. “It’s great seeing seeing so many Aussie faces on ESPN… We should just keep pushing our kids to work as hard as they can and really keep them aware of the US style of basketball which is just so much quicker. It’d be great if more Aussie programs travel out to the US for tournaments, as it would provide with the exposure they need. There’s so much hidden talent down under.”

College basketball is known for its unbelievable atmosphere, and Iowa State has some of the best in the country. The Hilton can hold up to 14,356 people, prior to signing with the Cyclones, Malou had only played in front of 1000 people. “It’ll be a big transition for me, but it’s just basketball… The crowd at Hilton is amazing, I think I’ll learn to love playing in front of them pretty easily.”

The future looks very bright for Emmanuel Malou, with the NBA in his sights and multiple franchises already showing interest him. Most notably, ex-coach of Iowa State Fred Hoiberg (now coach of Chicago) played a key role in recruiting Malou to the Cyclones in 2015, so perhaps the Iowa connection could play in role in him getting drafted. When asked about his prospects, he replied, “There’s really no telling that, but I’ve been aware that some professional teams are showing interest, it’s going to come down to how hard I work day in and day out. Hopefully I can stay healthy and give it 100% each time I get on that court, but my main focus is to win basketball games and graduate, everything else will fall into place.”

Alongside his basketball pursuits, Malou could also see himself owning a couple of businesses, whilst trying to give back to the community in Australia which treated him so well.

From all of us here at Posterized, we wish Emmanuel good luck for the future, and we hope to see him Posterizing numerous opponents in college and in the NBA!

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