Will Dwayne Wade leave South Beach?

D Wade has been a loyal servant to the Miami Heat ever since one of the greatest drafts of all time in 2003. He was part of a draft that produced stars Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and of course Wade himself. Wade famously won a playoff ring alongside Shaquille O’Neal in 2006, in which he also won the Finals MVP. Wade has toiled hard for the Heat and was a major recruiting force in getting Lebron James and Chris Bosh to South Beach in 2010. Wade has been an incredible leader and star on both the offensive and defensive ends, and has the most blocks by a guard in NBA history, with over 700 blocks.

Since Lebron James left Miami last year, the Heat have been unable to reach the heights that they have in the past. Wade signed a relatively poor contact in free agency, $7 million per year. Wade has the option of opting out of his contract, and signing with another NBA franchise. Reports out of Miami suggest that whilst this is going on, Miami are also negotiating a $16 million contract for Slovenian, Goran Dragic. This would extend out to $80 million across four years. Considering Wade was only offered a mere $7 million contract, which he should be insulted by, considering his talent and service to the organisation, he may opt out and choose to take his talents elsewhere.

Recently Wade has been spotted in Cleveland as a special analysis in the commentary over the NBA Finals. He also has a very close brotherhood with former team mate, Lebron James. Could they perhaps be aiming to play together like the James and Wade of a few years ago? Whilst this speculation has been taking place, Wade’s father has been spotted wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt. He may in fact be predicting a future alliance for these two superstars of the modern game!!

What do you guys think? Will Wade stay or go? I

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