What is Boston’s plan? 

When Danny Ainge dealt away loved stars in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo many Celtics fans felt angry. Fast forward a number of years and they sit in enviable position. No they aren't where Golden State are but they have the potential to contend given their assets. But after dealing away the number... Continue Reading →

Winning changes everything

I heard a quote on a basketball page from a fan defending Kevin Durant and his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. It went along the lines of 'Why do we hate on KD for joining a super team to win a title but when LeBron does it we think it's completely fine'. Were... Continue Reading →

Finals Game 5 Preview

3-1. We've been here before. Last year is proof the Cavs can pull off the extraordinary but can they go one step further this year?  Can the Cavs replicate Game 4?  Hard to see them do it again at that level but it's not beyond them to force a Game 5 playing the same game... Continue Reading →

The Posterized Podcast: Episode Fifteen

In this week's episode, all three lads are back together! In an entertaining episode, NBA Award Predictions are made, alongside pressing topics in the NBA world leading into the Playoffs. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes /itun.es/au/O9n9eb.c or leave us rating, and like Posterized on Facebook, @PosterizedAUS on twitter, and our... Continue Reading →

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